Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

The company ( works hard to protect you (the customer) and the privacy of all those who use or access our products and services. This document outlines the personal information we collect from our customers and how this information is used. Please note that this privacy policy is subject to change at any time and without notice, solely at the discretion of the company. As such, we strongly recommend that you regularly revisit this document, in order to check for any modifications or additions that may affect you.

With the exceptions of the instances and scenarios outlined below, operate a strict policy with regard to the sharing, selling and general distribution of personal information. We will not take any such action with your personally identifiable information, unless one of the circumstances outlined in this document applies.

2. General Information

The company takes no responsibility for any of the information you choose to share publicly, either on the website or through any of the services we offer. Should you publish any information that is then positioned publicly, we accept no responsibility for the consequences that may occur. In addition, we cannot make any guarantees with regard to how the information you publish or in any way share publicly will be used by others.

If you choose to do business with, we will hold your credit card or payment information on file, in order to comply with applicable legislation. However, we will not share your financial information with any businesses or third parties at any time.

3. Exceptions to our Privacy Policy

There are certain rare instances where the terms laid out in this privacy policy may not apply, either in part or in full. For example, should an attorney or governmental agency request the provision of your personal information for legal purposes, we may be required by law to provide it. Likewise, should the company deem it necessary to share your personal information in part or in full so as to protect the interests of the company, we reserve the right to do so. Your personal information may also be shared entirely at our discretion, if you are found to have broken any of the terms and conditions laid out by the company.

4. Cookies

The website uses cookies as a means by which to improve the services offered by the company and the overall user experience for the customer. We may also choose to use additional electronic tracking tools at any time and without prior notice.

Cookies are small files which are stored on your computer or connected device, which contain basic information about your preferences and browsing habits. For example, when you choose your preferred language, location or product category, this may be saved using a cookie to remember your preferences next time you visit.

You have every right to both delete and block cookies entirely from your computer. It is simply a case of finding the necessary instructions in accordance with your chosen web browser. However, we strongly advise that you accept cookies as to block them may detrimentally affect your overall online experience.

The vast majority of the information we collect is used for our own analytical and research purposes, in order to improve our services to customers. We may also use your personal information as a means by which to tailor our marketing and promotional efforts more effectively.

5. Further Information

We operate a strict policy with regard to unsolicited emails and will not provide your e-mail address to third parties for them to contact you for promotional or marketing purposes. Please note that you are under no obligation whatsoever to provide with any of your personal information whatsoever. However, your access to both the website and the services we provide maybe restricted in full or in part, should you fail to provide us with the information we require upon our request.

We gather various examples of non-personally identifiable information, which may include your IP address, your current location, your chosen web browser, the device you have used to access the website, how long you spend browsing our site and how you found in the first place. All such information is used for the purposes of improving our services and products and cannot be used to identify you personally. The company may choose to share this non-personally identifiable information with others at its own discretion, though purely for non-promotional purposes.

All of the information and services provided by are designed for adult audiences and those under the age of 18 years are not to use our website. We also do not knowingly collect any personal information from anyone under the age of 18.

The company takes all realistic measures to safeguard the privacy, data and general interests of its customers. However, it is fundamentally impossible to offer 100% flawless and effective protection at all times from every aspect of unauthorised access and fraudulent activity in general. As such, accepts no liability for any consequences that may occur should your personal information be stolen or accessed illegitimately at any time. The customer accepts full responsibility and understands that they access the website and all the services offered by the company entirely at their own risk.

Please also refer to our terms and conditions and consult the document in full, so as to understand your obligations should you choose to access or use any of our services.

6. Further Data Collection

The company may store and use the information you provide by way of emails, contact forms and general communication with Once again, we will not share your personal information with other companies or service providers, but may instead it use it to improve the services we offer and to better tailor our promotional and marketing offerings to you. You are perfectly within your rights to request a declaration of all the information we currently hold about you and to make any required modifications or additions/subtractions.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the terms and conditions laid out in this privacy policy, please get in touch with our customer service team before using our products, services or website.